Welcome To Green Network Exchange (GNE)

Green Network Exchange (GNE) is a green technology company that has become one of the foremost and largest electronics waste recycling companies servicing all of New England and New York for over thirty property management firms and more than 1000 clients. We properly recycle large quantities of any and all used computer equipment, pre-owned electronics, and we are a Secondary Market reseller of computer, network, and telecommunications equipment for either reuse or refurbishing.

GNE is dedicated to the proper disposing and recycling of computer and electronic waste material. For many years computer monitors, printers, stereos, TV’s, etc. would end up in garbage dumps creating numerous environmental hazards when all of this material can be scrapped and recycled. We are a trusted partner with a large network of electronic buy/sell recycling entities throughout the United States and Canada.

Since 2009, GNE has been a reliable agent to corporations and employees for the recycling of used and retired electronic equipment in a safe and useful manner. GNE provides corporations and their employees scheduled recycling events and collections whereby electronic waste material can be picked up and recycled at their convenience.

GNE is a highly regarded solutions provider to corporations that have end-of-life computer equipment, telecommunication, networking equipment, or a need to close or downsize IT departments or data centers. If the material happens to be high-end equipment, we can provide an assessment for the value of the inventory and make arrangements to purchase the equipment. This is an excellent method to help recover and offset costs from fully depreciated assets.

GNE sponsors events and collections across all industry groups including large and small companies, schools, hospitals, charitable organizations, cities, and towns. GNE issues certification of hard drive destruction and inventory intake reports for the recycling of obsolete electronics and systems. By commoditizing all electronic waste GNE is able to help protect the environment, create jobs, and save energy.

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